IdiotToken - the world’s first and only token that supports your honest opinion.

IdiotTokens are here for you to tell people of your choosing that they populate the wrong side of the IQ bell curve or are, otherwise put, idiots. Maybe even 10x idiots or a 1,000,000x idiots. Would that not make you happy? It certainly would make us happy. We promise!

ICO ends in

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67,500 USD Pre-committed
Raised so far
1,000 ETH Target
30,400 IDT Token per ETH

What are IdiotToken and how do they work?

IdiotToken is a cryptocurrency that allows you to rank idiots on the blockchain. The moment you get your hands on some of these tokens, you'll have something that is unique in its nature but less dominant in fiscal value. But think about it, how often do you have the chance to rank the stupidity of other people on the blockchain? We tried it ourselves - it’s fun. Really fun.

We know this can be confusing in the beginning - but we are here to help. Here is how we standardize idiots at the IdiotToken HQ:

1 - 99 IdiotToken - Pretty much an idiot.
100 - 999 IdiotToken - An idiot.
1,000 - 9,999 IdiotToken - A big idiot.
10,000 - 99,999 IdiotToken - A massive idiot.
100,000 - 999,999 IdiotToken - One hell of an idiot.
1,000,000 - ∞ IdiotToken - There are no words, only tokens, to describe how much of an idiot you are.

IdiotToken uses a smart contract voting mechanism to anonymously vote on the stupidity of other wallet holders.

If you already have an Ethereum wallet, you can send idiot token to the vote(address _idiot, int _amount) function. The Idiot Token voting contract will first store the tokens and then anonymously distribute them to the _idiot address. It will also keep track of the cumulative amount of IdiotToken each idiot's address received over time. The idiot is then able to spend the IdioTokens without knowing where they came from, thanks to the fungibility of the token itself.

At its core, there will be a decentralized ranking of idiots, more specifically their wallet addresses, that is there for the ages. Trading of the token on exchanges will not influence the idiot rankings.

You can send IdiotToken to people who have no Ethereum wallet yet. You can do so by using our email notification system or by using a referral link with a secret key. We won't publicize any personally identifiable information during that process of you or the idiot. Once the idiot is notified, we allow the blockchain newbie to create a wallet, receive the tokens and immediately show up in the rankings. Then, we help them understand how they can rank others as idiots. You see, it's blockchain on-boarding 101, we are doing good here. Or are we?

The private beta signup is closed now. If you made the cut, you'll soon have a link in your inbox and can start playing around with it.

The IdiotToken ICO

We worked out the contract - we really did - and here is how this looks like. And how we plan to take over the world or....not. We know it could go either way.

IDT Token details

76,000,000 IDTTotal supply


ERC20 TokenType

ICO details

1,000 ETHHard cap

30.400 IDTIssued per ETH

30 Oct 2017 11:00 GMTStart

25 Dec 2017 10:59 GMTEnd


Below is the contract address. Send ETH there to receive IdiotToken. Don't be an idiot and make sure you only send ETH after the sale started, from an Ethereum wallet where you control the private keys, with a high enough gas limit and gas price.


To stay true to the idea, we will send everyone who makes a valid contribution before the sale starts 5,000 IDT. Just because we feel sorry that you are a big idiot. Capped at 1,000,000 IDT for the first 200 big idiots (unique addresses). There is only so much we can take.

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If you are still pondering about their intrinsic value, IdiotTokens are backed by real-world stupidity. That's more than you can say of most of the cryptos out there.


Are IdiotToken real?
Yes, IdiotTokens are real - as real as crypto-token can get. We don’t sell you some whitepaper or a big promise of future wealth. We tell you exactly what they are here for and the cool thing is you can use them from day one to do your bidding.
Do you think I am an Idiot and would ever consider buying these token?
Nope of course not, we are just banking on the idea that you know some idiots and would love to tell them that. And, again, have some fun doing so.
That doesn’t sound fair?
You are absolutely right, it is not. It is a one-sided trade unless you know some idiots and enjoy having fun / trolling them.
Are they worth actual money?
Well, yes. You can get them with ETH, but they are so much more. IdiotToken are here to support your opinion of someone. And might make you happy or have fun - isn’t that worth so much more 😇.
Will Idiot token ever be worth anything?
Ever heard of the free market? There is an unlimited supply of idiots and plenty of people who demand to tell them that. So go figure.
Why would you bother creating these useless token?
Well, they are not useless. We all know plenty of idiots. Now you can let them know anonymously how dumb you think they are (go memorize the scale above - it will help you later on).

Real-world use cases

Use case 1
You found out someone is reading this website all the way to the end and does not understand the idea. Clearly, this person is an Idiot (=100 Idiot Token) so you get to tell them anonymously (or if you want you can tell them it was you) that he is an idiot.
Use case 2
Your boy/girlfriend broke up with you over the phone/ via text/ at your birthday which means he/she is a jerk/b**** right? - yes. So go insult them with Idiot Token it will make you feel better. Do thank us in advance for that.
Use case 3
Your Boss makes you work long hours, doesn’t pay you a lot of money for it and just pisses you off every turn he gets. Like a massive idiot (=10,000 IdiotToken). Go let him know!
Use case 4
That one obnoxious person that always asks obvious questions in class and just won’t shut up. That big idiot (=1,000 IdiotToken) is just annoying so do something about it! Win-win...ish.
Use case 5
That person that still thinks buying IdiotToken will get them rich. Let me tell you there are no words, only tokens, to describe how much of an idiot you are. (+1,000,000 Idiot Token)
Use case 6
These big idiots (=1,000 IdiotToken each) at work that are just so blatantly dumb but telling them would be workplace harassment (not good!) so send them IdiotToken. How many you ask - read the statement again and also buy +1,000,000 Idiot Token for yourself.
Use case 7
You are playing HOTS (Heros of the storm) online and that one hell of an idiot (=100,000 IdiotToken) keeps on ruining everything. He should just get the hell out of there. We'll figure out a way for you to sen them IdiotToken.

More FAQs (nobody asked for)

What is an ICO?
ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering and this one, in particular, will hopefully make this overly politically correct world a better place.
Are they worth actual money?
Well, yes. You can get them with ETH and you will be able to trade them in for ETH. But they are so much more. IdiotToken are here to support your opinion of someone. And might make you happy or have fun - isn’t that worth so much more 😇.
People get sad when they lose money, does that not make you sad too?
Absolutely, which is why we tell you to not expect any money or gains. Your money is gone once you buy IdiotToken but that should not make you sad because you get to tell people that they are idiots in the most sophisticated way yet. It might even make you happy. Maybe we should have called them Happy Token? 🤔

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